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Art of Knitting New Edition

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Issue 3 onwards $9.95


Take a journey into the world of knitting and enjoy hours of creativity and fun while you are learning a new skill.

Each issue comes with a beautiful ball of yarn to complete a new square for your throw. All you have to do is relax and enjoy The Art of Knitting!

Don’t miss out on this exciting knitting series that teaches you a new craft and to master the stitches needed in completing a beautiful throw that the whole family can enjoy!

Each issue comes with lovely yarn         Learn to knit this beautiful throw

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Set of Bamboo Knitting Needles
Knitted Hat Kit
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  • Issue 1 is just $3.99 incl GST. Issue 2 is $5.95 incl GST. Issue 3 onward is priced at $9.95 incl GST.
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Subscriber Benefits

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