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Art Therapy

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Immerse yourself in colouring and be inspired to experiment and achieve stunning results

Every week, Art therapy brings you indispensable, artist-quality supplies that build up into a complete colouring set to create sensational pieces

Each issue features six stunning designs carefully drafted to enhance your creativity, plus inspiring hints and tips to boost your wellbeing


Each issue comes with the perfect tools to add your individual touch to the six gorgeous patterns every week.

From coloured pencils to markers for the details, you’ll have everything you need to make the illustrations perfect for display after you have finished colouring them.

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XXL Colouring Poster
Creative Portfolio
Colouring Board
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Gel Pen Set

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  • Issue 1 is just $3.99 incl GST. Issue 2 is $5.99 incl GST. Issue 3 onward is priced at $9.99 incl GST.
  • You will receive a FREE XXL Colouring Poster with your first delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE Creative Portfolio with your first delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE Issue with your first delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE Colouring Board with your second delivery (Web-Orders only).
  • You will receive a FREE Colour Wheel with your second delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE Gel Pen Set with your fourth delivery.
  • Subscriber gifts only available while stocks last. Gifts may differ from those shown. 
  • Gifts are reserved for those customers starting their subscription with issues 1, 2, 3 or 4.


  • Following your first delivery, you will be sent four issues every four weeks.
  • If you subscribe late or fall behind in payment, we will send one extra issue each delivery until you are caught up.

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Subscriber Benefits

  • Never miss an issue
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  • Delivery every 4 weeks
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