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Build a Precision Mechanical Solar System (Premium)

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Each weekly issue of Build a Precision Mechanical Solar System comes with the components you need to build a modern interpretation of a classical orrery- a fully accurate, working model of the solar system as we know it today.

Electrically powered, this attractive and completely individual piece is built to last and will become a family heirloom.

In addition to your beautiful orrery, the 20 page, full-colour magazine includes stunning space images, in-depth features and the essential instructions for constructing, calibrating and using your model solar system. 

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  • Issue 1 is just $5.49 incl GST. Issue 2 is $11.49 incl GST. Issue 3 onward is priced at $19.49 incl GST.
  • The Telescope will be delivered with Issue 18, 36 and 52. You will be offered further Premium Gifts afterwards.
  • You will receive a FREE Binder with your first delivery.
  • You will receive FREE Limited Edition Prints with your second delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE Journey to the Stars DVD with your third delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE 16 days: Columbia's Final Mission DVD with your fourth delivery.
  • You will receive a FREE Toolkit with your fifth delivery.
  • Subscriber gifts only available while stocks last. Gifts may differ from those shown. 


  • As a subscriber, you will automatically receive special issues that Eaglemoss may publish from time to time. They may be at a higher price than the regular issue. You will have the opportunity to opt out beforehand.
  • As a subscriber, you will automatically receive binders every 16 issues at the cost of $14.99 (inc GST)


  • There is an additional cost of $1 per issue for postage and handling. 
  • Following your first delivery, you will be sent four issues every four weeks.
  • If you subscribe late or fall behind in payment, we will send one extra issue each delivery until you are caught up.

The solar system model is complete in 52 parts at a total cost of $991.48 inc GST, plus postage & handling. A second model will be available from Issue 53. 


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