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Game of Thrones Figurine Collection (Premium)

Issue 1 $4.99

Issue 2 $23.99

Issue 3 onwards $23.99


This unique, official figurine collection features all the major characters from the iconic programme, Game of Thrones.

Characters from this popular TV series are authentically produced in 1:21 scale.  The series features key characters from The Game of Thrones - each figurine is sculpted in an action post that recreates a memorable moment from the series.

Each issue comes with a 12-page collector's edition magazine, providing background information on the key moment captured by the model, plus character profiles and fascinating facts.



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Upgrade your subscription for only $3.00 extra per issue, and you’ll receive these EXCLUSIVE MODELS of Daenerys Targaryen’s three dragons over the course of your subscription!





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  • Issue 1 is just $4.99 incl GST. Issue 2 onwards is priced at $20.99 incl GST.
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