Customer Service


Most parcels are sent via Courier and occasionally via NZ Post if the parcel is smaller*.

* Please ensure that your postcode is correct when submitting your subscription. Incorrect postcodes can lead to delayed delivery. To find your correct postal code please visit and if it is incorrect please advise us via email or contact us on (09) 928 4493.  If you live in a rural area, please ensure your address is able to receive post.

Gifts are generally sent one at a time on a per delivery basis.  You will find more details on each title page.  Any questions, please email us:

Your first delivery will be sent within four weeks of your order being placed.  Please refer to the product delivery schedules on each title page in this website for more information.  Your subscription welcome letter will also confirm exactly when your first parcel will be despatched from our warehouse.

You must provide a secure delivery point. If the mailbox is not secure or if there is a dog on the property, please provide an alternative address.

We accept payment by credit card, direct debit,or cheque, unless specified otherwise by the publisher. Sorry, we are unable to accept payment by automatic payment, internet banking or direct credit. Please contact our customer service team on (09) 928 4493 or email: for more information. 

Binders are automatically sent throughout your subscription when they become due. If you have opted out of receiving them and wish to order, please contact our customer support team.

Extras, for example display cases are also automatically sent unless you choose not to receive them automatically. Contact our customer support team to place an order.

If the series includes Special Issues, our team will advise you by post or email approximately one month prior to the release date. If you have been opted in and do not wish to receive the special, you must contact our support team to opt out. If you have missed out on the special issue at the time of despatch, you may back-order the issue.

To have an issue replaced due to damage in transit, please email us at or call us on 09 928 4493 as soon as possible for a replacement order to be made free of charge.

*Please note we need to see the damaged issue before we can order a replacement. Digital photos emailed to the address above are acceptable. Alternatively, please return these to:

My Collectables 
PO Box 76 255
Manukau City 2241


Any issues or discrepancies with delivery contents need to be communicated within 28 days to honour any replacements or refunds.

We will send you two issues within one parcel for a fortnightly publication.

We will send you four issues within one parcel for a weekly publication.

The standard delivery cycle is once every 4 weeks, but please refer to the delivery schedules per title for more specific information.  We will also outline your intended first few deliveries in your welcome letter.

If you fall behind the main despatch run, we will send you one additional issue per delivery until you catch up.


We can process your order via credit card or direct debit over the phone.  When we have received payment your order will be sent to you.  Please call us on: (09) 928 4493

Only selected titles will include a postage and handling or freight charge. Please check the title for further information.

We are unable to guarantee you will receive your issues before your account is charged. Please allow ten working days from the date of payment. If it still has not shown up after this time, please email us at or call us on 09 928 4493

Please email us at or call us on 09 928 4493 for the correct issues to be sent out.

*Please note that incorrect issues must be returned in order for My Collectables to send the correct issues out to you. Please return these to:

My Collectables 
PO Box 76 255
Manukau City 2241

Please contact our customer service team as soon as possible via email: or phone (09) 928 4493

Subscription gifts are only available for customers who subscribe directly through My Collectables i.e. the copies are delivered direct to you and payment is made regularly through our system.  

Returns can be made by sending the item(s) and an explanation letter to:

My Collectables

PO Box 76 255

Manukau City 2241

*Please note we can only accept unopened items for return, subject to approval by My Collectables. We will only accept returns if the product is faulty or due to an error with your account. Some exceptions may apply.

If this message has appeared on your invoice this means that the issue is currently unavailable and your account has not been charged. Stock will be ordered and automatically sent out when the issue becomes available.

Your bank/credit card statement should reference My Collectables for each payment regardless of the title you have subscribed to.  If you are still unsure about a payments please email us at or call us on 09 928 4493

We require up to 28 days notice to cancel any subscription as your next delivery may have been processed. We are unable to stop or refund any deliveries and charges that have already been processed before cancellation.

Please email us at or call us on 09 928 4493 with your subscription reference number to cancel your subscription.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Never miss an issue
  • Copies are delivered direct to you
  • No upfront payment required
  • Regular payments upon delivery
  • Delivery every 4 weeks
  • No commitment
  • Cancel at any time (giving 28 days notice)