Customer Service

Terms and Conditions

Mycollectables is a web service operated by Ovato NZ LTD, which makes it easy for you to subscribe to Partworks and Collectable products using the internet. By clicking "SUBSCRIBE" on your subscription order form and agreeing to purchase a subscription on the site (Mycollectables Site), you instruct mycollectables to supply the contact information and order details you entered on the subscription form to the publisher of each series for which you have requested a subscription. You also agree:

Use of the Website

  1. Subscription prices are in New Zealand dollars and include GST.
  2. You must be 18 years or older to use this service or if you are under 18, you may purchase products, or services from but only with the agreement from your parent or legal guardian.
  3. Any errors made in providing details to Mycollectables is your responsibility and neither the publisher, nor Mycollectables are liable for consequences that relate to any errors; including but not limited to failure to send the collectable magazines to the correct address.
  4. These terms & conditions may be modified from time to time and you agree that you are responsible for regularly reviewing these and agree to any modifications.


  1. When you place an order on this website you will not be charged straight away.  We will charge you when your first delivery is being sent out.  Your welcome letter will outline when your first payment will take place.
  2. After your initial payment, we will automatically charge your credit card or bank account every 4 weeks as outlined in your welcome letter.  You can also refer to the delivery schedule shown on the page of each title which will show expected payment dates.
  3. Payments are taken on a Friday for your regular delivery.

Postage and delivery

  1. Postage and packing is free of charge (unless specified) and we can only deliver to a New Zealand address.
  2. Most parcels will be sent via local courier; occasionally NZ Post parcel post will deliver to you.  Each series delivery is run 4 weekly or monthly, according to the publisher’s requirements and your delivery will be despatched from our warehouse upon your invoice/payment date.  Please allow ten business days for delivery.  
  3. If your delivery does not arrive in the time frame specified above, please call customer services: (09) 928 4493 or email us at  We will arrange for a replacement delivery to be sent if your goods have not arrived 28 days from expected delivery.  Mycollectables is not liable for any lost or misdirected deliveries.
  4. If you change address at any time, please provide at least two weeks’ notice prior to your next delivery to ensure your parcel will be delivered to your new address.  We are unable to retrieve invoices once they have been sent to our warehouse.  If you have not provided enough notice we are unable to replace issues sent to your old address.
  5. If your goods have arrived damaged, please contact customer services Please provide digital photographs where possible and we will replace your items as soon as possible
  6. Any issues or discrepancies with delivery contents need to be communicated within 28 days to honour any replacements or refunds.

Refund Policy

  1. If you are unsatisfied with your goods and wish to return your items, you must contact us within 28 days from the invoice date.  The goods must be returned unopened to be eligible for a refund.  Please contact customer services for delivery instructions: (09) 928 4493.
  2. Any issues or discrepancies with delivery contents need to be communicated within 28 days to honour any replacements or refunds.
  3. Refunds for missing/damaged parcels are at the discretion of


  1. Subscription gifts are only available to customers who subscribe directly with us and have their copies delivered to them. If you purchase your issues from a retailer you are not eligible for the gifts.
  2. Normally one gift will be sent with one delivery according to the publisher’s specifications.  Please refer to the individual title page for further information.
  3. Gifts are only available while stocks last and may vary from the images on the website.

Binders, Extras and Special Issues

  1. Binders and/or Extra Items (eg plinths, tools, and storage mechanisms) may be available throughout the series.  They are scheduled to be sent out and charged to your account at regular intervals throughout the series.  Details of charges and despatch frequency are found on the delivery schedule for each series.  When you take out your subscription you may opt in or opt out to receive these and you can change your mind giving us 7 days’ notice prior to delivery run date.  
  2. Special Issues are available from time to time.  A Special Issue is an additional, unique issue aside to the main collection.  You may opt in to receive these automatically as they fall due when taking out your subscription or you may wait and decide to purchase these just prior to its release.  You will receive a letter at least 10 days prior to the delivery run notifying you of the Special Issue and how much it will cost.  If you have opted in, you will still receive a letter 10 days prior to its release giving you the opportunity to opt out if you wish.  Details of the Special Issues available are shown on the delivery schedule for each series.  You may also backorder any Special Issue at any time after it has been released if stock is available.

Cancellation policy

  1. You may cancel at any time giving 28 days’ notice. We will send you a letter confirming the cancellation.
  2. Any gifts you have received at the time of cancellation are yours to keep. Should you cancel before all gifts have been sent, you will not receive any remaining gifts.
  3. If you cancel after a despatch has been processed, we are unable to stop or refund your despatch.

Privacy policy

  1. Mycollectables will protect and maintain your privacy in accordance with the NZ Privacy Act 1993. Your information should be kept up to date and will not be retained for longer than necessary. You have the right to see what information we have held and correct any inaccuracies.
  2. Mycollectables will use your details to inform you of special offers and changes to your subscription, but will only provide your details to our 3rd parties after gaining permission from you (through a tick box upon subscribing).
  3. As you subscribe to a collectable magazine that is not published by Ovato NZ LTD, your details become the property of the relevant publisher. You agree to contact the publisher for details of its privacy policy.

Subscriber Benefits

  • Never miss an issue
  • Copies are delivered direct to you
  • No upfront payment required
  • Regular payments upon delivery
  • Delivery every 4 weeks
  • No commitment
  • Cancel at any time (giving 28 days notice)